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Denu is a date and time system for space explorers.




Denu uses a version of Swatch Internet Time.

Every day (sama) is divided into 10 hours (nami), each comprised of 100 minutes (dota). The day starts at midnight UTC.

Time is formatted as @ + [total dota]. The time of day starts at @0 and ends at @999.

When precision is needed, dota can be divided into thousands.


Denu uses a version of the International Fixed Calendar for dates.

Dates are made up of years, months, weeks, and days.

Years (denu) are the same as Earth years. There are 365 days in a typical year, and 366 in a leap year.

Every month (penta) is exactly 28 days long. There are 13 months in a year.

Weeks (niko) are 7 days long. Weeks start on Monday and end on Sunday. Similarly, every year and month starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday.

Every year also has a Year Day at the end of the year. Year Days do not belong to any week or month and are treated as a weekend. Leap years have a Leap Day after the Year Day. Leap Days also do not belong to any week or month and are treated as a weekend.

Dates have two formatting methods: full and brief. Full dates are formatted as [denu] [penta] [sama]. Brief dates are formatted as [denu].[penta as integer, zero-padded].[sama].


Each dota is 86.4 seconds.
Each nami is 100 dota (86.4 minutes).
Each sama is 10 nami or 1000 dota (24 hours).
Each niko is 7 sama (7 days).
Each penta is 28 niko (28 days).
Each denu is 13 penta and 1 sama (365 days). Leap years have an additional sama to make 366 days.

Penta NameMeaningCorresponding Gregorian Range (Non-Leap Year)
mipakutobirthJanuary 1 - January 28
mimupamoveJanuary 29 - February 25
mitenolearnFebruary 26 - March 25
misenpagrowMarch 26 - April 22
mitokoactApril 23 - May 20
mipamechangeMay 21 - June 17
minantuexileJune 18 - July 15
misuminadiscoverJuly 16 - August 12
minanacombineAugust 13 - September 9
mipinpinopauseSeptember 10 - October 7
mikutanpainOctober 8 - November 4
mipudabreathNovember 5 - December 2
mimasedeathDecember 3 - December 30
Year Day
(not part of a month)
December 31